Andrew Fordyce

An inspiring and highly regarded leader, Andrew Fordyce has taken on the role of managing director of the International Food Service Equipment Group (IFSE) following the retirement of his long-term business partner Bill Moore, and is taking IFSE forward with exciting plans for the future to promote growth and continuing high levels of innovation, design and service. Andrew recently unveiled his ‘1,000 Day Plan’ to his colleagues, who were greatly inspired and enthused by his dynamic vision.

Since assuming his role as managing director, Andrew has captained his team to their best ever result, growing the turnover by 100% in 2 years. His exciting strategy puts a focus on key areas such as innovation, marketing, communication, technology and personnel to ensure that IFSE grows in a structured yet dynamic way over the years to come.

Led by Andrew, IFSE offers its clients a complete expert solution from design and fit-out to continued maintenance support. Projects completed under his leadership include the design and build project at Planters Garden Centre in Tamworth and the innovative cafe design at the Kings Fund in London. He has also created a specialist products division offering cutting edge technology-based products such as the Electrolux high speed grill, Table Tracker restaurant system and Beer food display equipment. With a very exciting profile of clients Andrew has steered IFSE to an incredibly healthy and robust orderbook for 2015-16 and beyond. He has proved to be an inspiring and innovative MD, well regarded by his peers and his clients. His team value him highly for his leadership, skill, knowledge, expertise and respect for them as individuals and team players and look forward to an exciting future for IFSE.

“Andrew recently unveiled his ‘1,000 Day Plan’ to his colleagues, who were greatly inspired by his vision”

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