Andrew Smith

ScoMac Catering Equipment can trace its history in foodservice equipment back for over 120 years. But it is Andrew Smith, a 22-year old estimator, who has been nominated for recognition in this year’s Catering Insight
Power List thanks to his rising star status within the organisation.

Andrew joined ScoMac in the summer of 2013, aged 20. He arrived with little more than youthful enthusiasm on his side and knew almost nothing about the vast range of catering products available in the marketplace. Two years have flown by, and Andrew’s natural ability, willingness to learn and new-found knowledge of the industry (fuelled by online oracle Caterquotes) has helped him rise from office junior to estimator in record time.

“Andrew has proved himself to be commercially aware, developing and maintaining strong relationships with key suppliers. He has demonstrated this on large complex tenders, often working to tight deadlines. He assists in contributing to the profitability of projects whilst ensuring the business remains competitive. Andrew has recently branched out into other fields offering sales support, assisting in the production of reports and pricing for in-house manufactured foodservice counters in a wide range of finishes,” ScoMac says.

Andrew’s career should continue to accelerate now he has passed his driving test, which will help him spend more time with customers. “His goal is to take things to the next level, becoming more front line with site visits, project work and ultimately greater responsibility,” the company explains.

“Andrew’s career should continue to accelerate now he has passed his driving test”

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