Anne Stevens

Anne was nominated for the Power List as she carries out a role at Portishead-based Tailor Made Catering Equipment Solutions that invariably goes unnoticed and which often gets no “pats on the back”.

She is described by her colleagues as a tough cookie; firm but fair with black and white honesty in her character. According to her co-workers, her ability to deal with suppliers and customers is remarkable and she makes it all seem so easy.

Anne is a hard worker who is totally respected by everyone and knows the company inside-out from her decade with the business. The last 12 months have been particularly rewarding for Tailor Made as it successfully executed a raft of kitchen projects, many of them in the south west, and landed the ‘Newcomer of the Year’ award from buying consortium ENSE.

Anne has seen her team grow three-fold in the past year and none of the new recruits come from the industry. This required an inordinate amount of extra work and attention to detail, while she somehow managed to free up enough time to give concise and proper training to these recruits. Two of the team are apprentices, and Anne has held their hand and welcomed them into the business almost seamlessly.

The core part of her job is running the company’s finances, balancing the books and spinning the financial plates. Her colleague say they quite simply we couldn’t do it without Anne, and felt it was about time someone from the “boiler room” got some deserved recognition.

“Anne is a hard worker who is totally respected by everyone”

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