Colin Stapley

While the marine sector may be a niche part of the catering equipment industry, outfitting a passenger ship’s kitchens is even more complex than for those on land. So it takes a true hero to take these on, and Trimline’s Colin Stapley is definitely a prime example.

Colin has played a central part in the business growth recorded by the Southampton marine refurbishment specialist. He was the driving force behind the launch of the firm’s on-site demonstration galley, which replicates a marine environment in every detail, from the resin flooring to the extraction system and state of the art cooking equipment.

Trimline is a relatively new entrant to the market, but the galley and laundry divisions already comprise 10% of the firm’s turnover. CEO Andrew Richards wishes to see this increase to 30% over the next 3 to 4 years, and Colin will be largely responsible for achieving this demanding goal. As Colin himself said: “We could see there was a gap in the market for supplying innovative, cost-effective solutions and then support them in the field with an onboard support programme that then creates an end-to-end, life-of-product service.

“The demonstration galley is comprehensively ‘marinised’ and fully meets United States Public Health standards for ships visiting North American ports. It offers a venue in which chefs can trial and evaluate dishes.”

Trimline has always tried to work in a way that is tailored to each of its clients, and the demo galley has enabled it to interact in a whole new way. One of Colin’s colleagues said: “Since opening the galley just a few months ago, we have had an array of many clients through the door. We couldn’t have done all this without Colin’s enormous contribution.”

Colin has also been involved in a number of other key galley, restaurant and bar refurbishment projects including Condor’s Liberation, Carnival Australia’s Pacific Dawn, Red Funnel’s Red Osprey and Red Falcon, Thomson Cruises’ Dream and Celebration, Windstar Cruises’ Star Breeze and Star Legend, and TT Line’s Spirit of Tasmania 1 and 2.

“Colin was the driving force behind the launch of Trimline’s on-site demo galley”

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