David Ritchie

With almost 650 Twitter followers and a lively blog about food, drink and catering, David Ritchie is something of an industry celebrity. This isn’t his first taste of fame. A little-known fact about David is that he was a professional footballer for Stoke City and then Stockport County for over 4 years in the 1980s — following in the footsteps of his father John, who netted 135 times for Stoke during two stints with the club from 1962-75.

After hanging up his boots, David created Ritchie Catering Equipment in 1991, and will celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary next year with a team that is constantly challenged and inspired by his leadership.

“David Ritchie has worked hard to set goals for our company, with a greater vision of where the company is trying to go while leaving the path open for others within our organisation to grow into effective leaders in our own right,” the distributor says about his passion for the business.

“David has worked hard to grow a family company into a successful catering equipment distributor and kitchen design house. He has nurtured the business and team and has directed us to enable us to grow, compete and surpass competition,” his colleagues add.

The ethic that David instils at Ritchie’s is that everybody has the potential to exceed their own goals. He equips the team with training and tools as well as time, energy and emotional intelligence so that his colleagues and the company can realise their full potential, both personally and professionally.

“Leadership doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all definition. But while the definitions may vary, the general sentiments remain the same: leaders are people who know how to achieve goals and inspire people along the way,” David’s team concludes.

“Leaders are people who know how to achieve goals and inspire people along the way”

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