Derek Comrie

When the mighty Bidvest Group was looking to expand its empire into powered commercial catering equipment, it discovered the perfect takeover target in 3663 Catering Equipment (though it has just been re-named as Bidvest Catering Equipment).

That was 10 years ago, and along with the acquisition of the Glasgow-based distributor came the talents and experience of a young Derek Comrie.

Derek’s love is twofold: his cars and his kitchens. His first job in the industry was as a chef, where he worked his way up to become executive chef at Stakis Hotels, a major chain in Scotland which included the formidable Grosvenor Hotel in Glasgow.

He later became a partner with catering services company Wilson Watson before joining 3663 Catering. It is this rich and rounded body of experience that makes Derek a standout project leader — fluently speaking the language and understanding the challenges faced by both suppliers and customers.

“With his knowledge of powered equipment and his experience from working in many kitchens, Derek leads his team to deliver new working environments for our customers; environments that keep chefs happy and their customers coming back,” Catering Insight is told.

“Derek’s straight-talking, hard-working mentality has made him a local hero, especially in his home town of Glasgow where many well-known chefs will vouch for the quality of his work,” the company adds.

“Derek’s straight-talking, hard-working mentality has made him a local hero”

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