Isabella Anello Jewry

When Isabella Anello-Jewry joined Whitco back in 1998, an initial trial period as a regional sales manager was regarded as a bit of a punt by the Northampton-based distributor, since Isabella had no catering equipment knowledge and no experience of selling capital equipment or direct selling. All her work to that point was in the food sector.

But it was immediately obvious to Whitco that they had found a gem. “All her clients from her food sales background were instantly buying equipment from her and she was picking up new clients regularly. She quickly picked up product information, rarely referring to sales literature and she soaked up information on kitchen planning, new technology and legislation with ease,” the company recalls.

Today, Isabella has built an extensive and loyal client base, with sales over £1m. Her clients come from many different sectors — education, restaurants, corporate and health, and she frequently finds new business outside her allotted territory. This success has been achieved because of her attention to detail, her excellent project management skills and the trust she receives from customers who know she will not let them down.

Each year she continues to surpass targets set and it never ceases to amaze colleagues that customers remember her from years back, and she remembers all of them — on first-name terms. In all the years that she has worked at Whitco, she has never once experienced a year where her sales have fallen below a previous year’s. “Despite the massive increase in projects that she handles, she manages to schedule all of them in and deliver all on time, in budget and with complete client satisfaction,” the distributor says.

“It never ceases to amaze us that customers remember her from years back, and she remembers all of them — on first-name terms”

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