Jayson Ball

While Jayson Ball insists that his company, Salix’s, success is all down to a team effort, it was he and his wife Kay who first got the firm off the ground as a fabricator in Essex in 1992. However, becoming a fully-fledged kitchen design house around 5 years ago has seen the firm go from strength to strength.

Jason has led the charge to organically grow business by between 5-12% every year, in a sustainable way. Furthermore, taking the bold step of not employing any salespeople is a policy which has worked spectacularly, as over 85% of Salix’s orders are through repeat business.

Relying on word of mouth for its project prowess, Salix has cornered the market in high end kitchen fit-outs, with Jason courting such renowned industry names as Rainer Becker, Rick Stein, Michael Caines and Rosemary Shrager. This means that the company approaches the sector from a different angle, ensuring that high quality is paramount and offering more service and back-up. Jason knows that these kitchens will be performing to high operational standards for decades to come.

As all fabrication is completed in-house, Jason has instituted a unique work flow. All of his technicians can weld, assemble and finish each fabricated item entirely themselves – so there are no areas where one process is focused.

Furthermore, this year he has invested in project management software called Smartsheet, which can track all processes ahead of time to ensure that any crunch points can be dealt with far in advance.

Jason’s approach to the market is highly innovative, as Salix remains a private company and so can react very quickly to any changes. Having future-proofed its headquarters with an extra 27,000ft2 of space, success will be heading Jason and Salix’s way for years to come.

“Jason has led the charge to organically grow business by between 5-12% every year””

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