Kevin Slatter

KCCJ’s recent expansion of its consultancy department is due in no small part to its MD, Kevin Slatter, who also heads up this division. At the beginning of this year, Kevin moved the company’s consultancy division into a new office in Rochester, which has become a creative hub for the team and its expanding clientele.

The new location is accommodating the business growth, and is intended to provide a more flexible and accessible venue for meetings, demonstrations and events.

KCCJ’s headquarters in Dartford remains the home for its projects and construction operations. The Rochester office is one of three further regional locations around the country, including Worcester and Blackpool.

Kevin has recruited a number of new people to the team recently to meet the substantial growth in consultancy demand and in readiness for KCCJ’s strategic expansion plans. This includes hiring ex-Lockhart man, Richard Goodchild, as the firm’s new projects MD.

Over the past couple of years Kevin has steered the company to innovative steps such as implementing BIM and Revit in its projects, along with additional services for menu development and overall customer experience strategy and planning. KCCJ now even has a liquid chef on board!

Kevin has also been a driving force in the design and development of future stadia and arenas within the UK. He has worked with unequivocal passion to provide clients with foodservice solutions that make these iconic buildings state of the art and admired throughout the world.

“He has worked with unequivocal passion to provide clients with foodservice solutions””

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