Lloyd Jermy

Marc Francis Baum, owner of Barworks, describes Chiller Box as “the best we’ve ever worked with.” And the best unsung hero among the Chiller Box team, according to its management team, is project co-ordinator Lloyd Jermy.

“Lloyd’s attention to detail helps to ensure that Chiller Box’s projects are delivered on time, on budget and exceed our clients’ already high expectations,” the company states.

Despite starting at Chiller Box just 2 years ago as a junior administrator, Lloyd has risen rapidly through the ranks and is on track to lead his own project team in the future, and it is his passion for perfect customer service that marks him out for promotion.

The key is the support he provides to Chiller Box’s sales and project managers in the delivery of projects once orders have been secured. “He is literally their right-hand man, ensuring that all correct equipment is ordered and the logistics of consolidation, warehousing and delivery to site all happen as and when they should, and that the kit is rendezvoused by our installers,” the company says.

Clients love Lloyd, and so do his colleagues, thanks to his flawless reporting. From a financial point of view, he tracks every variation or extra on a project with meticulous detail, to allow the figures to be easily reconciled at the end of the scheme with the client. He ensures the correct audit trail is in place to avoid unnecessary discrepancies, surprises and ultimately client disputes.

Lloyd is already teaching co-workers how to match his high standards, which is why the firm says he will soon be leading a team and projects of his own. “He is a bright, bubbly, friendly member of the team and a great asset to Chiller Box,” Catering Insight was told.

“Lloyd has also been fundamental in training up other members of the team and we believe he eventually has the potential to lead a team of his own”

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