Louise Carey

Louise has been very busy over the past year, working with all of Shine Food Machinery’s office personnel in every department to generate a new sales order process which is easier and faster for everyone to use at every stage of a new contract being put in the system. Her colleagues believe she is an unsung hero because she has provided so much assistance to the sales team in growing their procedures to help them become a more effective department.

The new sales order process means Shine has changed the way it is presenting tenders to its clients, as well as the way they are input into the firm’s systems. Louise has been instrumental in smoothing this process, switching numbering protocols and the way changes are logged, so the process suits all departments in the business.

She made every effort to learn how the sales department processes tenders, and then liaised with other departments to see how they use the information once it’s in the system to order or invoice it. She even generated ideas as to how the sales department can number and present a tender to help the other departments get it into the system easier.

Day-to-day, Louise works with the sales team to co-ordinate new enquiries (assigning a sales manager to them) and ensures the tendering process runs smoothly and gets out on time. Once the orders are received she raises the order in the sales department which then goes to accounts, purchasing and the drawing departments.

She also has total control over the compliance/ health and safety side of the business, making sure all of the distributor’s accreditations and protocols are up to date, as well as carrying out internal auditing.

“Louise has been instrumental in smoothing the new sales process”

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