Mark Drazen

The North West of England has traditionally been a hotbed for successful catering equipment dealerships and Blackpool-based Caterware certainly fits into this category. Under the stewardship of managing director Mark Drazen, the distributor has gained a reputation for delivering high quality kitchen designs and installs, and remains an active member of CEDA.

Now well into its third decade, Caterware handles contracts of all sizes, from small, family-owned takeaways to large hotels and hospitality businesses. Recently, for example, it was involved in the installation of a high-end kitchen for new Essex steak restaurant Chop Block, where it worked with suppliers such as Josper, Meiko, Precision and Valentine to overcome the space limitations that the 18th century premises offered. Mark leads a Caterware team which understands that track records are built on going the extra mile, and as a result the company consistently strives to provide support to customers in every aspect of a project, from 3D CAD design to kitchen maintenance, and from the supply of heavy duty equipment to crockery.

The company’s purpose-built HQ also incorporates more than 4,000 square feet of showroom space along with a demonstration kitchen where all its catering equipment can be viewed and tested in operation prior to purchase. Mark anticipates a bright future for Caterware as the UK foodservice market picks up, and with customers looking to expand again the distributor has all the necessary experience to guide them on their journey.

As a stalwart of the catering equipment industry, Mark understands the need for distributors to evolve and live up to the changing expectations of the market place, as he has previously indicated when discussing some of the major challenges facing the sector: “Distributors will have to continue to prove and demonstrate that they add value, otherwise equipment will become a commodity and they will only be able to charge for design and installation services while clients line up direct purchasing agreements with manufacturers.”

“Mark leads a Caterware team which understands that track records are built on going the extra mile”

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