Matt Connell

In just 3 short years, Matt Connell has rocketed through the ranks of HK Projects from CAD assistant in 2012 to head of the company’s creative team — one of the most senior positions in a company that takes enormous pride in its creative design skills. All achieved by his 25th birthday.

Matt’s talent has been at the crux of a strategic change of gears for HK Projects as he rolls together responsibilities of project management, salesman and designer. “This modernisation of traditional team boundaries has been a pleasure to watch and speaks volumes about his desire to improve our client experiences. The ability to meet with clients, innovatively explore their concept and pitch a design, then project manage and deliver the project, provides the client with a single source of contact from day one to handover,” HK Projects says.

Matt’s method is not only benefiting HK Projects; it is a template for the future of the industry. “We believe Matt is at the forefront of the next generation of our industry. He’s passionate about our end-users and the responsibility the supplier has to add value throughout the project process. Looking after national multiple-operator accounts alongside large bespoke projects, he must be one of the youngest senior members of the industry,” the company enthuses.

“Matt is at the forefront of the next generation of our industry”

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