Michael Burchmore

Michael Burchmore and Cathy Wilcox took a leap of faith starting a company together in 2011 and right from the beginning they have been hardworking and totally committed to the company and its clients. Michael is always looking at innovation within the office, where, thanks to his love of modern technology, under his guidance the company has invested in a 3D printer and other technological toys.

He also studies innovation in the marketplace, ensuring Wilcox Burchmore can offer top advice to its clients. As a founder and co-director of the firm, Michael has just celebrated the fourth year of its establishment, due in no small part to his dedication to ensuring total customer satisfaction. Michael’s main role is preparing the CAD drawings and quotations, as well as visiting site and running the projects once underway.

He always wants to learn more and he was recently one of the first candidates to complete the Continuous Personal and Professional Development course organised by CEDA. On site his attention to detail has proved a ‘saleable’ skill in itself. One mechanical and electrical company was so impressed by his diligence that Wilcox Burchmore was appointed the catering consultant to two new Spire hospitals.

As the company moves into the next phase with expansion of personnel and new offices, Michael is looking forward to even greater challenges.

“On site his attention to detail has proved a ‘saleable’ skill in itself”

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