Oliver Hardwicke

Kitchen design, salesmanship and project management all flow from the fingertips of Oliver Hardwicke as he outlines a new commercial kitchen using the very latest 3D design software.

The 28-year old joined Grey Simmonds last year from the high-end domestic kitchen industry, where wealthy customers would not dream of parting with their cash before walking through a 3D rendering of their homes’ engine rooms.

Oliver immediately guided Grey Simmonds into the future of 3D CAD and gave the business a massive competitive boost against traditional kitchen designers still working from flat diagrams. “Response to the new design format has been very positive, with the majority of potential clients who have been provided with a 3D visual choosing Grey Simmonds to complete the kitchen design project,” the company says.

As assistant project manager, Oliver has created kitchen designs from conception through to completion for a number of Fuller’s sites and for fashionable Faucet Inns-owned KuPP in Paddington, which involved an open kitchen with bespoke flame grill.

Other successful design projects include an authentic Turkish restaurant in St Albans which also has a theatrical flame grill at its centre.

“Oliver has guided Grey Simmonds into the future of 3D CAD and given the business a massive competitive boost”

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