Paul Martin

Paul Martin’s family name is synonymous with this industry; however he has still worked his way up through the ranks. He spent a couple of years at Catering Connections before then moving to Brakes. It was here that Paul began to shine and outperformed many of his more experienced peers and was soon one of the top salespeople gaining a reputation of providing the right solutions to the right people.

After 8 years of being with Brakes and earning all the plaudits he could, he made the decision to help set up a new company called Modo CKD.

In an industry that is famed for its opinions, you will not find anyone who has a bad word to say about him. His belief in what he does shines through and his dedication to the client in achieving what they dream of is borne out of the ongoing relations he maintains with everybody he has dealt with, long after the project has finished.

He continues to be the driving force behind Modo- CKD, allowing it to grow from a small start-up business 4 years ago to recently being nominated for a CEDA Grand Prix award. Paul runs a very customer-focused outfit and one which is regarded for being committed to quality custom solutions rather than box-shifting.

One project partner described working with Paul on a five-site commercial kitchen roll-out: “The attention and the degree of flexibility from all key people in Modo’s team were unparalleled. Cost-effective solutions, better-than your standard run-of-the-mill equipment suppliers and range options, steel manufacturing, adapting drawings to site modifications in the middle of the fit-out, working around the main contractor delivery programmes — from A to Z the Modo service and work was spot on.”

Paul has made a big impact on the London bar and restaurant scene, as his concepts and out-of-the-box thinking have rendered him the fashionable architect’s go-to designer for difference, quality and project management. As one partner notes, Modo is the “small team showing the big players how it is done.”

“The attention and the degree of flexibility from all the key people in Modo’s team is unparalleled”

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