Paul Parry

Paul has been with C&C since 1984, and has continually striven for success in his project work. Having created a reputation for professionalism and reliability, he has been a pioneer in establishing work further afield for C&C. The majority of his projects now mainly consist of large schemes in London, most recently including Google and UBS (also C&C’s largest order to date).

However, his work is not just restricted to the UK. C&C’s first international project was lead by Paul in Paris, France, for the flagship store of luxury brand Burberry.

The prestigious showroom, located just off the Champs Élysées, required a kitchen on the fifth floor, with C&C given only 16 days from receiving the order. Although the prospect of such a widely-known brand, tight time frame, and the company’s first international scheme may have been daunting for some, he led and completed a project of which both Burberry and C&C were extremely proud.

Closer to home, Paul continues to win work in the capital due to his reputation and is highly regarded by many of the main players in the FCSI.

Each year, he raises the standard even higher in terms of both project value and prestige. His efforts have been recognised by professionals across the industry, most significantly so when his projects Nomura and Café Royal received awards at the CEDA conference, as well as an FCSI Project Management award.

As Paul increases his list of prestigious schemes to include Ernst & Young and AON, to name but a few, his forward thinking and highest standard of credibility will no doubt see him add further awards to his name. He continues to set the bar high, not just for C&C, but also for the industry as a whole. His open mind, innovative attitude and professional determination undoubtedly make him a project pioneer.

“Each year, he raises the standard even higher in terms of both project value and prestige”

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