Phil Morris

Phil Morris is the type of employee for whom the description unsung hero was coined. The job title of office administrator doesn’t do justice to the wide range of essential services he provides to colleagues and clients.

Since first completing work experience at C&C over 7 years ago, Phil secured a permanent role with the company and has risen up through office roles to become a highly valued member of the team by senior management and project managers alike.

C&C will be celebrating its 35th anniversary next year, and the family-run company is still built from the ground-up by enthusiastic and diligent team players like Phil. The company prides itself on nurturing talent, with many of its key executives powering the business for more than 20 years. Leaders in the business have earmarked Phil as rising star. His increasing assistance in project management work has been welcomed by more senior colleagues including C&C’s project director who described him in a performance review as a “diamond”.

Phil refuses to limit himself to a narrow office administrator role and is already excelling at coordinating tasks such as O&M compilation and staff training. His experience within C&C and with the company’s clients is making him more and more valuable, particularly when working with project managers.

“The nature and location of many of C&C’s projects often require PMs to be away from the office for long intervals, meaning they require a dependable individual in the office for their day-to-day scheme tasks. For this, they turn to Phil, who continually provides reliable assistance from submitting brochures for tenders to requesting RAMs, to name but a few,” colleagues observe.

“His behind-the-scenes dedication, passion for the industry and continual efforts mean he truly should be recognised as an unsung hero,” they add.

“Phil is already excelling at coordinating tasks such as O&M compilation and staff training”

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