Tyron Stephens

Tyron Stephens-Smith is described as an exceptionally talented, hard working and inspired individual. He is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the environments that TAG’s clients are working in and scenarios they present to the distributor as opportunities. He has so far made an incredible contribution to the business.

He is without doubt one of the industry’s young trailblazers and he was recognised recently by CEDA, winning the association’s inaugural Rising Star accolade. This was alongside TAG’s overall award for Tyron’s superb design of the iconic OXO Tower project. This kitchen required careful design and planning to get the best use from the space, so Tyron took a holistic approach which included some of the most technologically-advanced equipment with unique features. The resultant kitchen scheme is pioneering and innovative, and what’s more it operates using 70% less energy than a standard kitchen.

One of his colleagues commented: “Tyron’s skill and attention to detail is inspiring and I have not experienced this level of design support in any of the other companies I have worked with. To be able to produce a rendered drawing in the timeframe that he can is outstanding and gives us great opportunities to give our clients a real idea of how their projects are going to look and feel.

“This is definitely helping to secure business with new and existing clients from a variety of market sectors within our industry.”

“Tyron’s skill and attention to detail is inspiring”

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